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Easy Dog Sledding Tours in Swedish Lapland
Our easy dog sled tours can be from two hours to one day or longer and the tour can be easily styled to our customers fitness levels. You have the option of
  • being a passenger on the sled which is driven by your expert guide or
  • you can learn to drive the dog sled yourself.

It is important to know that the dogsledding tours in Luleå , Sörbyn and Jokkmokk are operated by small family businesses. The owners are passionate about their dogs, the quality of the experience and their life in the wilderness and this shows through in extremely high quality and down to earth tours.
Luleå Dog sledding tours
Join us on a fabulous dogsledding tour in the snow covered forest surrounding Luleå or alternatively across the frozen mid winter ocean and out to the fabulous Luleå Archipelago. These tours are a interesting and unique adventure not only for the mode of travel but also due to the spectacular landscapes. The Luleå archipelago contains some 1300 small islands and in winter the ocean surrounding it freezes up to a meter thick. Nearby the husky farm are a number of groomed sledding trails across the many lakes and through the beautiful forest. Here you will enjoy the beauty of the wilderness and perhaps even see some of our wildlife such as Moose or Fox.

Dogsledding tours can be booked subject to availability These tours can include a guided tour transfer from your hotel in Luleå to the activity and back to Luleå and can be booked by 2 or more people.
Drive your own dogsled