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Autumn Aurora Tours in Luleå in Swedish Lapland
Join us for a fantastic tour chasing the northern lights in Luleå in Swedish Lapland. The northern lights cannot be guaranteed but you can feel safe with our “no aurora, no cost” guarantee. If our cameras do no pic up any northern lights activity during the early part of the tour, or if the night is particularly cloudy then then that nights tour is shortened and is free of charge. You will then be able to book to try again on a later night.
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Luleå is a great place in Swedish Lapland to see the northern lights, especially in the autumn. Here the darkness comes a little earlier and in the Summer and Autumn the coastal climate has statistically low cover. As you will see in the pictures below Luleå has spectacular northern lights shows and we know of some great place overlooking the sea where the cloud cover is often less and we have a really low horizon looking to the north. Thus maximising our changes of seeing the lights.

The best time to see the northern lights is from the end of August, when the darkness returns to Luleå and Swedish Lapland for a few hours each night, through to late march when the nights again start to be light again. We often see great shows in August and September and at this time of year the temperatures are milder than in the depth of winter making staying out late looking for the northern lights a little less challenging.

These tours are provided by Graeme Richardson from Luleå Travel Services. A great local photographer who has taken all the northern lights photos on this page in the Autumn season around Luleå.

transfer from Luleå
warm drinks and sandwiches

Cost 1400 sek inkl vat per person
Maximum of 4 people

For booking contact:
Luleå Guided Tours
+46 70 296 66 25

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