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Swedish Lapland is an arctic destination.

With out doubt the best place in the world to see the northern lights and the home of other amazing bucket list items such as the world famous Ice Hotel and Tree Hotel. It is also a very diverse region giving visitors a wide range of very genuine unique experiences that are part of our arctic lifestyle. Well known in Swedish Lapland are the high mountain ranges in the west. Here mighty rivers are created and flow down through vast forests to the coast. The coastal region includes an archipelago of around 1350 islands where the ocean freezes up to a meter thick in winter. Across these diverse environments you will find adventure, culture and people keen to share their way of life.
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Luleå Guided Tours

is a customer service focused activity organiser based in Swedish Lapland. We are committed to presenting fantastic Lapland activity options that have passed our own high standards. As an independent local lapland business we are able to offer you up to date and detailed product information, friendly non biased advice and on location support in Swedish lapland to ensure a fantastic holiday experience in this beautiful region.

If you would like any more information about our products or would like advice on where to book any experiences in Swedish Lapland please email us at:

We're all about Lapland Experiences.

Our goal is to offer you a wide range of interesting and experience rich holiday activities in Swedish Lapland. Specifically tailored for independent travelers (singles, couples, families) and small groups we aim to provide a diverse range of flexible Lapland activity options.

Easy adventures in Swedish Lapland are unique, interesting and varied just follow the menu to find the activity that suits your budget, timeframe (winter or summer), preferred style of arctic Sweden holiday (guided or self drive) or special interest travel (fishing, camping, ecology, etc).

If you are looking for high adventure in Lapland and can think of nothing better than sleeping in the snow or climbing a mountain or driving a dog sled across a mountain range for 8 days then we will be glad to assist you too. Just follow the menu above to an unbelievable Lapland adventure in Europe's last great wilderness.

There are a range of fantastic accommodation options in Swedish Lapland including the fabulous Tree hotel. We can recommend some excellent accommodation venues for all budgets.

Swedish Lapland

is a part of the overall northern most region of Scandinavia stretching across Norway, Sweden and Finland. Swedish Lapland is unique among these regions in that tourism here remains a genuine reflection of the region, its culture and its history.

Swedish Lapland is therefore much more than fantasy images of Santa and sleigh rides and even our world famous and truly spectacular Ice Hotel presents itself with the dignity and charm that is indicative of Swedish Lapland.

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If you are reading this site for the first time or have found us through a search you may be interested to know that our lapland base camp is the small city of Luleå which is located just south of the artic circle on the Bay of Bothnia in northern Sweden. Luleå is the main town in Swedish Lapland with a well serviced airport and the perfect place to begin your arctic adventure.
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