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The history and culture and scenic locations of Swedish Lapland are unique and interesting activities and adventures in their own right. Below are examples of some of the fantastic Lapland locations to which we can arrange fantastic tours.

Below we have some additional information on some of the cultural and scenic highlights of Swedish Lapland
Sami Culture
The Sami people are one of the indigenous people of northern Europe, inhabiting Lapland, which today encompasses parts of northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. Their way of life is unique and fascinating and we can more of the culture of these peoples by visiting a rein deer herding family at a variety of locations and by visiting the Ajtte museum in Jokkmokk. The latter is a world class facility showing the life of the Sami peoples over thousands of years to the present day. There are also a variety of products that enable you to visit a Sami family and learn a little of their culture.

We have tours for 2 or more people available every wednesday during winter to a special sami camp near Storklinten. There are also other tours to the Arctic Moose farm near Överkalix and to Jokkmokk which are available on booking for groups of 4 or more people. Contact us for details.
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World Heritage Gammelstad Church Village
World Heritage Gammelstad Church Town is the largest and best preserved example in Sweden of an old church town that has roots in the Middle Ages. The stone church dates from the 1400’s and the many surrounding cottages have a long tradition that still lives today. These historical sites will give you an insight into the rich and interesting history that exists in this northern city.

We have tours for 2 or more people available every wednesday during winter to a special sami camp near Storklinten. On the return journey we stop at Gammelstad and take a tour of the church village. We can also arrange guided tour for four or more people at other times on request.
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Luleå Archipelago
The archipelago along the Lapland coast is so special and unrivaled that it forms a unique part of Sweden – and can be called the only brackish-water archipelago in the world. The seawater in the Luleå archipelago has a very low concentration of salt, i.e., the water is brackish, neither fresh nor salty. Water in the Atlantic is, in fact, ten times as salty. Large volumes of fresh water flow from the great northern rivers into the Gulf of Bothnia, thus diluting the salty seawater. Being far to the north, you can enjoy long, light nights in the summer and experience frozen fiords in the winter, phenomena that make this part of the country a unique part of Northern Europe. The inland ice that covered this area about 8,000 years ago formed the landscape in the archipelago that can be seen today. Smooth slabs of bedrock, sand dunes, boulders and moraines all bear witness to the enormous forces of nature. Land rise (isostatic rebound) – the level of the land is actually still rising after being subject to the enormous weight of the ice layer – is now about 9 millimetres per year or around one metre every 100 years. The combination of brackish water and land rise (isostatic rebound) has given rise to the special conditions that have influenced natural development in the area. For more than a thousand years, the land rise has greatly affected the lives of the people dwelling in the coastal areas and of those living in the present archipelago. Luleå alone increases in area by 2.25km² every year due to land rise
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Storforsen is Europe's largest waterfall with a height of 82 meters and is a beautiful sight in both summer and winter. On the way to storforsen you will drive through the Lapland countryside and our guide will talk about many fascinating features of the region including history, culture and nature.The tour includes easy adventure activities that are available in the season, such as a nature walk or a barbecue in the open air. Fishing is an optional activity on this tour.
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