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Storforsen tour - Swedish Lapland
Join us for a fantastic 4 hour driving tour to the Storforsen rapids and waterfall in Swedish Lapland
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This four hour includes a 1.5 hour transfer to Storforsen where we will take a guided tour of the waterfall area. Storforsen, a waterfall located in the Piteälven along road 374 at the community Bredsel in Älvsbyn municipality. With its average water flow of 250 m3 / sec and a fall height of 60 m, it is one of the largest rapids in Europe. It is Europe's largest unregulated front where the total length of the whole range, from start to finish, is 5 km with a total fall height of 82 m.

Storforsen never fully freezes despite temperatures down to minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter. The lowest measured flow is 24,000 liters of water per second. Around the midsummer, the water level is at its highest and reaches a flow of about 870 m3 / s. At the extreme flood in 1995 the flow was 1200 m3 / s. On 12 May 2008 the water flow was 729 m3 / s.

There is a great deal of beautiful forest on both sides of the water fall and a walking trail alongside the water fall which we will follow up to the head of the falls.

There are also ramps adapted for disabled people, such as wheelchair access, all the way to the front. There is also a forest and naval museum in the area. The site is a popular visitor attraction, visited every year by about 180,000 people.

Guided Tour
Coffee & Tea and snacks

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Lunch at the Hotel

2 people - Total cost 4500 sek inkl vat
Every extra person 500 sek up to a maximum of 8 people

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