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Guided Tour in Gammelstad near Luleå in Swedish Lapland
Walking tours in Luleå and Gammelstad in Swedish Lapland are plentiful. We have a wide range of nature reserves and walking trails on both the main land and the islands of the archipelago.
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A guided Gammelstad World Heritage walk can be booked from 15 May to 31 Sept 2017. We will choose the best locations on the day based around your interests. You only need to bring yourself and clothing suited to the weather and the activity.The village is of significant cultural and historic importance to Luleå and Sweden and whose origin dates to the 14th century. There are also some great art and craft shops and a visitor display which we will visit. Along our guide will explain the history of the village and how it relates to the local geography, the regions development and the history of northern Sweden.

Start time 14:00
Duration: 2 hours
Meet in front of the visitor centre in Gammelstad Church Village
Swedish fika: coffee, tea and cake

Min 2 people - Cost 500 sek per person inkl vat
Every extra person 500 sek up to a maximum of 8 people

For booking of the guided tour and/or transfers to Gammelstad please contact:
Luleå Guided Tours
+46 70 296 66 25

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