Icebreaker in Piteå
(with Transfer from Luleå)
Icebreaker Piteå
The Arctic Explorer Icebreaker ship sets sail near the town of Piteå Swedish Lapland. This coastal area of Northern Sweden is extremely beautiful in the winter time with crispy white snow, beautiful white pine tree forests and miles of frozen sea. The Icebreaker ship tour is a fun experience and a good opportunity for some photographs.
The Ice breaking ship carves its way through thick ice and you’ll hear the crushing of ice against the ship’s hull. This is the Baltic sea, frozen in winter and most probably frozen from northern Sweden over to northern Finland. Along the way, the Polar Explorer stops to allow it’s passengers the opportunity to walk in the ice or even for people to experience some ice swimming!
Don’t worry, the dry suits will protect you from the immediate cold, but do jump in (with a suit on) – What a great photographic opportunity for you, your friends and family to see. The Arctic Explorer will provide all of the equipment necessary for an ice swim. We’ll also stop for a well deserved hot drink on the ship.
Here are some facts about the boat:
It was built in Finland in 1963. It weighs 332 tonnes and has a 6 cylinder engine.
You’ll also be happy to hear that there is a little coffee on board where you can buy more hot drinks, sandwiches and snacks.
Season: Winter Tour Length: 2 hour cruise Start Location: Pickup and transfer from your location in Luleå – Piteå Start Time: Various Number of Guests: Minimum 2 people, maximum 8 Clothing/Equip supplied: Yes Extras: Includes hot drink
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Ice Breaker Piteå
Note you can select a rate with transfer from Brändön or Luleå or you can select on the Icebreaker without a transfer if you have your own transport.