Hovercraft Luleå
Hovercraft Frozen Sea Tour
A unique and magical way of exploring Luleå’s frozen archipelago on board a hovercraft. Nowhere else in Swedish Lapland is this experience available! Your 2.5-hour tour will include a journey across the ice and snow covered Bothnian Bay, between the islands. There is free time to walk on the ice and if you are lucky there is the chance of spotting a seal or sea eagles.
Note that the hovercraft carries a maximum of 5 guests.
Special conditions for hovercraft
Delays can occur due to unexpected situations due to harsh conditions. Cancellation of the tour can also occur. Some reasons for that are:
- Extreme cold (safe operation limit: 20 centigrade)
- Strong winds (safe operation limit: 10 m/s)
- Bad visibility due to fog or snowfall
- Rising ice or snow formations (obstacles too big to pass)
The customer will be informed of cancellations no later than 2 hours before the planned starting time. In these cases we will offer a new tour date OR give a full refund. In some conditions, alternative routes in safer/better areas are proposed to the customer. We will always try to give the customer the best experience! All our pilots are certified.
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Hovercraft Frozen Sea Tour at Brändön