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Fat Bike Tours in Luleå in Swedish Lapland
Hire or join a guided tour. Fat Bike tours in Luleå in Swedish Lapland.
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Challenge yourself with a cycling experience near Luleå. Take a fatbike tour and float on top of the sand and ride on the trails as your guide takes you on a tour starting in town to some secret trails around the area.   We take a quick 15-minute ride over the bridge to access the ski trails where we can begin to show a little of what the bikes are capable of. Sand, rocks and small obstacles are simply ridden over and we experience the Swedish forest in summer and fall. Naturally we stop for picture breaks and lunch before riding back. Truly a ride not to be missed.

Price: 1295 SEK pp
Included; Fatbike, helmet, and lunch.
Min: 2 pers
Duration 3 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate

For booking contact:
Luleå Guided Tours
+46 70 296 66 25

What is a Fatbike?

Have you seen strange tracks that look like really wide bike trails when you have been cross country skiing or on a sandy beach while walking in the summer?
Perhaps wondering how they came there?
Or maybe tire tracks that come right out of a marsh when you're out on a walk in the woods?
Maybe you've wondered who the crazy man has been riding on the beach when you're down to take an evening break.

Could it really be a bike?
- Sure, it's a bike!

We call it Fatbike, a bicycle model that has grown ever bigger, has invigorated the bike market and has now become a permanent place in the cycling world.
A Fatbike is a special bike made for cycling on surfaces that are usually not suitable for bike riding. For example snow or sand.

A fat bike takes snow, ice, sand, marshes and trails in its stride through its rugged components / frames and large-scale tires with extreme volume, giving maximum flow on almost any surface and tackles most conditions!

Have you thought about what opportunities suddenly appear? Have you ever been tired of taking the usual training round on cross country skiing? "Yes, just take on the bicycle shoes, the helmet to maybe a pair of gloves to stand out and trample through the favourite round of your Fatbike!
Or why not dare to ride down the alpine summer trails?

In the summer, instead of cycling your usual round on gravel roads, now you have the opportunity to cycle right through, cross and cross, up and down through all the trails, marshes and fields found in the woods.

And think - on the beach, ride out in the water, build up small jumps, "rails" of old logs and rocks! Having a swim right after the exercise, PERFECT!

Imagine what freedom, what opportunities - They are endless!

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